2 billion doses

2 billion doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine – an impossible feat without our vaccine trial participants 



The goal of the research team was always for this vaccine to reach people globally, saving lives regardless of location or socioeconomic status. While there is still work needed to achieve this goal, today we can report that the vaccine is:

  • being made in 15 countries
  • in use in over 170 countries
  • providing two thirds of doses to lower income countries


2 billion dose graphic


The development of the Oxford AstraZeneca would not have been possible without our committed trial participants and the team are hugely thankful to those who stepped up and enthusiastically supported our research.

As we come to the final stages of the COV001 and COV002 studies, it remains important that participants continue to attend their final visit at the vaccine centres, since we are still collecting vital information. The samples collected at these final visits are being used to assess the long-term immunity provided by the vaccine, which will help to inform future policy decisions about boosters.

We value the contributions of every participant at the earliest stages of the COVID-19 vaccine trials, and as the first group of people to receive the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, we would also like to share an opportunity to continue being part of our COVID-19 research.

We are currently recruiting participants who have taken part in either the COV001 or COV002 studies to return for two further visits over the next 12 months. This follow-up study will allow us to assess the long-term side effects of the vaccine and how the immune system responds after vaccination. If you'd like to take part, please contact your local COV001/COV002 site study team. More information about the study is available through the link here.

The development of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in less than 12 months is a truly remarkable achievement, and a collaborative effort between our research teams across the UK and globally, our sponsors, and our participants.