Vaccine Certification for International Travel

This information relates to Participants in the COV-001 and COV-002 trials only. Participants in other Oxford sponsored trials (such as the Com-COV trial series) should see the NIHR information here.

Trial staff are currently arranging for the entry of details of all Covid-19 vaccinations administered during the COV-001 and COV-002 trials onto the new NHS systems. This will allow these details to appear on GP records, and the NHS App or Vaccination Certificates, e.g. for use when travelling, to prove your immunisation status. How you access these records depends on which UK nation you live in :
In England :
You can download and install the NHS App following the instructions here :

You can also view the same information in your web browser without installing the app here :

If you do not have access to the App or website and you are planning to travel in the next 4 weeks, you can call 119 and request a letter (this will take up to 7 days), which will only be sent to the address currently registered with your GP. GP’s themselves CANNOT provide letters showing your status, please do not contact them regarding this.

Government guidance for demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad can be found here :
In Wales :
The Welsh Government is currently working with the UK Government to enable access in the NHS App, however this is not currently in place. You can request an emergency Vaccine Certificate for International Travel from the 24th May, see :
Scotland :
You cannot use the NHS App to view your COVID-19 vaccination records. You can download a Vaccination Record Letter via the NHS Inform online portal, or call to request a copy by Post, following the instructions here :
All Nations :
Please use the App/system above to check that your trial vaccinations are appearing correctly on your records. You should see a record for each COVID-19 vaccination you received in the trial. If you received any control vaccinations (i.e. Men ACWY) these will NOT appear in the app. You should also see details of any COVID-19 vaccines you have received outside of the trial (please note we have no control over records from outside of the trial).

If you are unable to see your trial vaccinations, they may not yet have been entered. Please contact your trial site for more information.

If your records appear to be incorrect (e.g. wrong date, wrong vaccine, only one vaccination showing) please contact your trial site for advice.

If you are planning to travel abroad soon, please advise your trial site as soon as possible and they will prioritise entering your records. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for records to appear in the App or on relevant systems once entered, and escalating any issues with this new system may take even longer. We cannot guarantee that records will appear in the app by a certain date, although we are working our hardest to get records entered as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your trial site as normal.